May 10, 2013

Recently listed the ten best and ten worst states in the country for retirement.  Virginia easily ranked in the top ten BEST nationally.  The article starts by stating:

"Virginia isn't just for lovers.  It's for seniors looking for an all-around good place to settle down."

Virginia was chosen as a great place to retire, based on criteria including:

  • cost of living
  • access to quality healthcare
  • mild climate
  • low crime rates

To this accurate assessment I would add that within Virginia, there are places to retire even more desirable than others.  Top of that list in my opinion, with no close second, is the Roanoke and Smith Mountain Lake, Virginia area.  Our slice of heaven in this wonderful state features everything on the above list - in spades - but offers additional benefits including:

  • gorgeous natural beauty
  • amazing outdoor recreational opportunities, including some of the best hiking & scenery in the country
  • small city charm and personality
  • no traffic, in comparison to . . . (anywhere you lived before)
  • centrally located: Mid-Atlantic, East Coast



Contact us to find out more about why the Roanoke and Smith Mountain Lake Virginia area likely one of the best places in the entire country for retirement.  And by 'retirement', we mean - starting Phase II, the best time of your life.

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