Holistic Design

At Timber Ridge Craftsmen, we design and build beautiful homes that are more than the sum of their parts. Whether you are building a log homepost and beam, or timber frame home, you can trust that the many parts of your home will work seamlessly together to create an interior space that is functional and design conscious. We refer to this concept as “holistic design.”

What Does “Holistic Design” Mean?

“Holistic design” or “holism in design” refers to the idea that all parts of a whole are intimately interconnected. This concept stems from cultural creatives like Christopher Alexander (Pattern Language), Sarah Susanka (The Not So Big House), and Barbara Winslow (Patterns of Home). With this design approach, detail replaces empty volume. Meaning imbues. Substance and character speak volumes in repose.

Holism & Home Design

Holistic homes have a number of key elements that create balance and function. Open floor plans, for example, place an emphasis on connection and social gathering. Casual spaces are preferred to anything rigidly structured. Kitchen-centric designs allow the kitchen to be the “ceremonial and functional hub” of the day’s individual and social activities. Meanwhile, nooks and quiet spaces alongside a larger central space offer rest and relaxation. Holistic homes also have smart storage and organizing solutions; making do with less “stuff” is easy as long as we know where everything is.

A Home Built Around Your Lifestyle

Holism reminds us that things, including buildings, are more than the mere sum of parts. Your home — just like people, plants, and buildings — is more than a mere structure. It’s a space that revolves around your everyday life and gives you the space to grow in the ways that you need.

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