April 22, 2013

Earth Day 2013 - 'net PLUS Energy School'


Builders Teaching Builders. 

The art and science of 'low-energy', 'high-performance', 'high-comfort' building.

Success with 'net PLUS Energy School' today for Day 1 of our two-day M.One sessions.  More than a dozen engaged building professionals, many of whom own their own Design-Build firms or consult on 'Green' building practices, actively engaged in solving the practical, technical challenges of creating 'high-performance' buildings.

'Low-Energy' wall assemblies were investigated today, and assessed in terms of labor, materials, equipment, cost, constructability, and disaster resistance.  We looked at OVE Advanced Framing, SIPs, and Larsen Truss/ I Joist wall assemblies.  Tomorrow we will continue with ICFs and Double Stud Walls.

Great energy and enthusiasm for this work - solving design and build challenges in a collaborative, team-based environment, where thoughts, ideas, suggestions and help is shared freely.

Now on to Day Two. 

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