August 19, 2013

Free Workshop, and Everyone is Invited

(Registration Required - by 12noon Friday 30 August)

The world of home building is changing.

What we have been calling "High Performance" is now the new standard.  Whether by code or by conscience, whether driven by saving a green planet or saving a green dollar.  This new paradigm has taken solid root - and this is now the NEW NORMAL.

Except most builders and specialty trade contractors lost the memo.  And most owners and developers didn't know to ask - what they didn't know.  Until now.

Everyone is welcome to attend this upcoming workshop.  Owners, developers, educators, builders, remodellers, specialty trade contractors, vendors and suppliers.

WHERE:   Vinton War Memorial  -  814 East Washington Avenue,  Vinton, VA 24179

WHEN:     10 September 2013  ~  Tuesday  ~  3pm to 5pm, with product info + networking afterward


                Sue Smith / Roanoke Regional Home Builders Association  #540-389-7135 or


ORGANIZER:   "Green Build Committee" - Roanoke Regional Home Builders Association (RRHBA)


  • Bower Heating & Air  -  Roanoke, Virginia

  • Cundiff Heating & Air  -  Ronoake, Virginia

  • Better Building Works  -  Roanoke, Virginia

An expert panel composed of two of the region's best residential mechanical contractors, along with two superb HERS Rater Consultants, will answer an in-depth series of questions.

Topics for Discussion Include:

  • Past experience gained - in raising the performance standards
  • Present practice - High Performance heating, cooling, and Ventilation
  • ACCA's Manual "J' - heating and cooling load analysis
  • ACCA's Manual "D" - specification and layout for proper ductwork
  • Future Forecast - where High Performance heating, cooling & ventilation is headed next
  • hVac for 2009 Code - the IRC and IECC Residential:  any worse, and it's illegal
  • hVac for 2012 Code - the IRC and IECC Residential:  changes coming
  • Inspections:  visual = minimal
  • Testing ductwork for air tightness
  • Why we should STOP placing equipment & ductwork outside the conditioned building enclosure
  • "Green" Building Programs - including Energy Star, EarthCraft, DOE Challenge Home, Passive House, LEED for Homes, the NAHB's NGBS, and the Living Building Challenge 
  • Planning, planning, planning
  • Energy modelling &/ or HERS Predictive Scoring
  • Quality Assurance - checklists and beyond
  • Quality Control - the type and sequence of testing on site to verify performance
  • LOW LOAD heating & cooling - what is a LOW LOAD building ?
  • Why are LOW LOAD buildings different to heat and cool ?
  • Equipment suitable for LOW LOAD buildings
  • VENTILATION:  "What do you mean I need fresh air !?"
  • Approaches to ventilation 
  • Options for Ventilation Equipment
  • ERVs and HRVs - the difference, and why that's important
  • Controlling HUMIDITY
  • Renovations / Remodels / Retrofits:  a list of "do's" and "don'ts"
  • Best Practices
  • Worst Practices
  • What designers / builders / remodellers need to know - to ensure comfort, enhance health, and reduce energy consumption

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