April 24, 2013

net PLUS Energy School


Builders Teaching Builders


Day Two of 'net PLUS' was a great success, with builders who design, specify, install, and detail low-energy, high-performance enclosures actively engaged in deepening their knowledge.

We studied the core building science concepts, and why the science of enclosures matters so much more when the tolerance for error (a consequence of low-energy, high performance construction) is significantly reduced.

We assessed the thermal performance R Values for several popular wall systems, including:

  1. OVE (Optimum Value Engineering) Advanced Framing, with and without Continuous Insulation, or with Larsen/ I Joist members attached to the exterior of the wall-sheathing air barrier.
  2. SIPs, with and without Continuous Insulation.
  3. ICFs, whether symmetrical or asymmetrical block.
  4. Double Stud Walls, with and without Continuous Insulation.

We identified designated control layers for the assemblies studied, including:

  1. Bulk Water Control Layer
  2. Vapor Control Layer
  3. Air Barrier
  4. Thermal Barrier (insulations)

We clarified the requirements of these layers and examined, for example, why housewraps (Weather Resistive Barriers - WRBs) and gypsum wall board interiors (sheetrock) both make undesirable 'primary' air barriers.

The feedback we've been getting is very positive, and many are looking forward to our next session of classes - planned for June.

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