May 26, 2013

You are serious about investing the time, money, and effort to build a new low-energy, high-comfort, high-performance home for yourself, or building for your business. Yet the closer you look, you are amazed to find that those you turn to for answers and solutions - don't have any.

Too many designers/ architects, too many builders, and too many vendor suppliers don't have answers to your questions, don't really know where to refer you for good answers, and wish instead you would just settle for the designs and building systems they know and want you to use. But don't worry, you are told. You can nail a few solar panels to your roof, and be as "green" as you want to be.  All is not right, in the world of construction.

And this doesn't just happen a little.  It happens a lot.  You are not alone in sensing frustration with a broken system.

'net PLUS' Education

This is a key reason we created 'net PLUS' - to foster WIN / WIN / WIN building projects.

Education is the universal key.

You intuitively sense that the knowledge does exist.  You can build a comfortable, affordable home or building to 'net Zero' energy and beyond:

  • understanding the options
  • assessing the pros/ cons of systems and alternatives
  • following best practices

'net PLUS Energy School' already educates builders, designers, and allied industry professionals in the practical "HOW- TO" of high-performance building.  In addition, we recognized that effective project teams have knowledgeable, engaged OWNERS.

the 'net PLUS' Owner:  Essentials - 2 Day Class

We have condensed our six-day, in-depth industry professionals' curriculum to a unique two-day class experience. Whether you are an Owner-Builder, an Owner project manager, or an Owner hiring those roles yet determined not to have your home or building become a low-performance three-ring circus - your comprehension of what it takes to make a successful project will leap forward.

When & Where

Friday & Saturday - 11 & 12 October 2013

Historic Shepherdstown, WV




Day One

  • The Project Team: 7 Essential Members
  • Who Does What - and When
  • Choosing a Designer and Builder:  What You Need to Know
  • Design Decisions That Make Sense
  • How to Solve Common Design Challenges
  • Green Programs & Certifications in CONTEXT:  EnergyStar, Challenge Home, Passive House, and Beyond
  • A Unified Energy Rating Scale:  Making Sense of Noise & Confusion
  • Project Management:  Determining Who Manages Your Project
  • Project Specifications:  Defining What You Want - And Expect
  • net PLUS:  the "Design To Build" Report - Don't Leave Home, Without It
  • Details:  pros & cons of common insulation types - without hype or bias
  • Details:  pros & cons of common WALLS in 'net PLUS' building
  • Details:  pros & cons of common ROOF types in 'net PLUS' building
  • HERS Raters:  What They Do, and Why That's Critical to Success
  • Testing:  Quality Control Measures You Must Know

Day Two

  • Green Appraisals & Green Finance: What to Do - To Get VALUE Recognized
  • Understanding Likely Costs of Construction, and Where to Save Money
  • Details:  Assessing WINDOWS & DOORS in High-Performance Building
  • Details:  AirTightness - just as important as "R Value"
  • Fresh-Air Ventilation:  the HOW- TO of "How Does My House Breathe" ?
  • Heating & Cooling:  Successful Comfort Strategies for Low-Energy Buildings
  • Details:  pros & cons of common FOUNDATIONS
  • Details:  pros & cons of common FLOORS
  • Hot Water Heating:  Making Sense of Choices & Options
  • Lighting & Appliances:  Best Practices & Solutions
  • Energy Monitoring:  Energizing "the Prius Effect"
  • Renewable Energy Options:  Quantifying Alternatives


As an addendum to the two full days of instruction, owners appreciate being able to ask follow-up questions afterward which are more specific to their needs.  Included in the tuition cost is a two-hour telephone consultation, to help you in your project decision-making process.


$425. per Couple.  A "couple" simply means YOU plus one other person.  That other person could be your spouse, your brother, your sister, other family member or friend.  We are encouraging you to bring someone with you, and make it an enjoyable weekend excursion of learning and fun.  (Yes, acquiring very useful, practical, clarifying knowledge that saves you time, effort, money, and promotes understanding and satisfaction - is FUN !)


We will soon have the registration for this event activated on our website, 

In the interim, call or write if you have any questions, or are ready for us to add your name to our list of confirmed attendees.

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