Rainbow over Smith Mountain Lake Home Building

With the turn of the seasons to Autumn, possibly the most beautiful time of the year in these ancient Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia, we note a shift in consciousness now to progress and action.  Where for several years home building at Smith Mountain Lake matched the general economy, and was often tentative or tepid, we see now resurgence – a renewal – in clear intent and purpose.  As if we all woke up on a clear, crisp morning, determined that the past was over and it was all up to us to invent the future we desire most.

It was with these thoughts that I welcomed the rainbow over our beautiful mountain lake this week.  With a refreshing Canadian front passed through, amidst a splendrous display of blue sky, autumn leaves, clear water and wispy clouds, this rainbow appeared while we were busy building.  Recognizing that it is moments like these that capture a deeper spiritual truth, I hastened to a spur ridge to capture this.

May you be inspired to awaken the joy and beauty in yourself – reflected in the manifest dancing world around you.


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