a picture of the timber frame great room overlooking Smith Mountain Lake of custom home build Heron Point


The beauty & simplicity of timber frame construction


douglas fir timber framing at Smith Mountain Lake, Virginia

Beauty. Strength. Simplicity. A douglas fir timber frame on a Smith Mountain Lake home built by Timber Ridge Craftsmen Inc.

Timber framing is an ideal structural system for lake and mountain views - something Smith Mountain Lake in the Blue Ridge is well known for.  Wood columns, beams, and rafters provide substance, strength, and dramatic design flexibility.



example of hand-crafted timber frame joinery on a custom home at Smith Mountain Lake Virginia by Timber Ridge Craftsmen Inc

Hand-worked timber joinery, here in white oak. These rafters became part of the finished Craftsman style porch seen in the picture below. Timber Ridge Craftsmen Inc, in Moneta ~ at Smith Mountain Lake, VA.

Hand-Crafted Joinery

A hallmark of timber frame home building is hand-crafted joinery.  The planning, layout and carving of this joinery can be complex, but the finished results are often stunning in their streamlined beauty.


 example of oak timber framing with bents, connecting girts, splines, and trunnels on Smith Mountain Lake VA by Timber Ridge Craftsmen Inc


Expressed Structure 

The structural elements of a building hold a powerful appeal when visible - when 'expressed'.  Timber framing is a classic example of expressed structure, where the strength and warmth of natural beauty can be seen and, therefore, appreciated.


Exposed timbers offer a warm and inviting aesthetic.

White oak timbers and roof deck planking, wrap-around porching. Timber Ridge Craftsmen Inc.

example of timber framed wrap-around porching near Smith Mountain Lake, Blue Ridge Mountains, Virginia by Timber Ridge Craftsmen Inc.

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example of a timber frame porch featuring white oak with natural stone pedestals overlooking a mountain valley near Smith Mountain Lake, by Timber Ridge Craftsmen Inc. - Moneta, Virginia

A welcoming timber frame porch in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia, near Smith Mountain Lake. Timber Ridge Craftsmen, Inc.


Timber Ridge Craftsmen, Inc.is proud to be one of the Smith Mountain Lake region's finest custom home builders. In addition to log homes, post and beam homes, and homes built with SIPs and ICFs, we design and build timber frame and hybrid timber frame homes.  Contact us today to begin the conversation on making your mountain / lake dream home a reality.  We can guide you every step of the way, from land selection to handing you your front-door key.


the foyer of a custom timber frame home near Smith Mountain Lake, in the Blue Ridge of Virginia, by Timber Ridge Craftsmen Inc. - Moneta 

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