April 18, 2013

After in-depth planning, successful building continues with "specifications." But what are specifications exactly, and how do they factor into the overall home building process? We wanted to take a moment to answer your questions.

Specifications Defined

Specifications are a primary step in the home design and building process. They represent one leg of the triune foundation of:


  • Design

  • Specification

  • Then building

Specifications are the detailed documentation of requirements necessary to ensure quality and satisfaction are achieved. Defining specifications allows us to strengthen our partnership as a team and to document your goals, needs, expectations, and decisions.

Why Specifications Are Important

During the specifications phase, our team works to refine and clarify the build plan. This is where we "take the fork in the road" to determine how certain features and decisions will affect your project. We compare, contrast, and examine how different materials and components will perform, all with an eye toward integrating and balancing overall goals of durability, energy efficiency, sustainability, budget, schedule, maintenance, and operation. We spend a lot of time in education during this phase.


Good specifications are not "boilerplate" or "cookie-cutter" documents. They must crafted together with you, the client, and result from the whole of our discussions and educated decisions as a team. When builders take the time to create thorough, detailed specifications, the result is better service for clients.

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